Mullein & Sparrow is a vegan and fully plant-based apothecary line created with ayurvedic principles by Brooklyn-based herbalist and holistic esthetician Anit Hora.

All of the Mullein & Sparrow items are lovingly made in small batches with the hopes of keeping alive a time-honoured tradition of simple remedies that have worked for centuries.

Mullein & Sparrow use the purest and highest quality ingredients available and are all most entirely organic, their essential oils are therapeutic grade and come from small, organic, family farms. They work only with sustainable and fair-trade suppliers, use all recyclable packaging and their products are free from: Synthetic materials, Preservatives, Toxins, Artificial colours or fragrances.


Image via Mullein & Sparrow

Anit Hora left a successful career in the fashion world to study the science of skincare, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and yoga. Backpacking through South America, she immersed herself in learning about the plant-based healing cultures of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Her experiences with natural medicine and holistic health inspired Anit to lead a more pure and simple life. Mullein & Sparrow was born with the belief that its possible today to return to our natural health and beauty no matter where we live.

Anit grew up with the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of traditional medicine. Mullein & Sparrow draws strongly on the self-care regimens of Ayurveda, with the belief that true beauty naturally arises from simple acts of regular self-care.

Anit founded Mullein & Sparrow based on her believe in simple formulas, the highest-quality ingredients, a committed vision, and impeccable aesthetics.


It's not easy to choose a favourite, however, the TINTED LIP & CHEEK BALM has become a staple on no make-up Sundays, for us. Other items that expert beauty editors and beauty bloggers are loving, include:


For those looking for a potent detoxifying face mask, Mullein & Sparrow kaolin-, rhassoul-, and bentonite-clay formula is a standout: One pinch, mixed with water, yogurt, or aloe water, forms a potent pore-clarifying paste; when you’ve used up every last trace of powder in its charming diminutive glass container—and you will—repurpose it as a travel-size vessel for holding your favourite rings - Vogue Daily, Eco-Friendly Products 


This heavenly fragrance of pure steam-distilled organic lavender provides post-swim and sweaty skin with hydration and freshness. It also works to freshen clothes and bags – Refinery29, Top 10 Eco Friendly Beach Bag Essentials


Fast-absorbing, restores nutrients, hydrates, and battles fine lines and sagging skin, thanks to Omega-3 and Omega-6 - Daily Candy.


This rich cleanser is made from essential oils, various clays, and flours (oat, which cleans pores, and chickpea, which gently exfoliates) and has the consistency of pesto, still it doesn’t smell like basil but rather lavender mixed with Play-Doh. I can’t decide what’s more intoxicating: the super smooth, almost waxy texture it imparts on my cheeks after I rinse it off, or that divine scent. Who am I kidding? The scent wins every time – W Magazine, Editor’s Beauty Pick.


Body oils are part of my daily ritual, and I've fallen in love with Mullein and Sparrow's French Lavender Body Oil. In my magazine editor days, I would always pass on lavender-scented products because I just couldn't handle the scent of cheap lavender. Now, I slather Mullein and Sparrow's luxurious, high quality body oil all over every morning post-shower, and I cannot even begin to explain the calming effects it has on my mind during hectic mornings (I'm constantly running late- night owl over here!). It's also lovely to use in the evening during my wind-down ritual. When you find a company who sources only the best it changes your whole perspective on an ingredient- Kim Wallace, Kimberly Loc, Natural Beauty Blog.

To celebrate the arrival of Mullein & Sparrow, we are offering a complimentary TINTED LIP & CHEEK BALM with the first orders!

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