Seaweed get its potent restorative powers from being a unique ocean plant able to withstand extreme conditions, adapt to changing environments and regenerate itself.

Seaweed is packed with an usually high concentration of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids which have anti-inflammatory and mosturising functions that can help slow the skin ageing process, address skin pigmentation, acne and dryness.

The Herb Farm face serums contain an exotic combination of natural anti-ageing ingredients that help regenerate collagen, restore elasticity and stimulate blood circulation to nourish the skin and help diminish fine lines, including: Vinanza Seaweed Gel, Colloidal Gold, Ginkgo & Olive Extracts, Grape seeds, Kiwi Fruit and Colloidal Silver.

Try The Herb Farm face serums and get ready for your skin to look plumped and renewed with a radiant glow, like you just finished a two week green juice cleanse!

The Herb Farm Renewal Serum ($44) and The Herb Farm Radiance Serum ($36.50) are available here, we've got you covered!