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Face Oils

Are Face Oils good for my skin?

Face oils are good at locking-in skin hydration and they give your skin a smooth effect, instantly. It seems counter-intuitive but pure and natural face oils can actually help hydrate dry, flaky skin and can make a remarkable difference for oily, troubled skin as the right face oils can balance skin oil production.

Face oils can be highly beneficial for your skin, if you use pure, natural and fragrance-free quality oils, you also need to ensure you are using the right oil for your skin type.

Oils for oily skin!?

Our skin produces excess sebum when it lacks hydration, so, applying the right face oils can help hydrate and balance your skin oil production. We highly recommend oil cleansing for acne-prone skin types. You may also get good results from oils that are high in LINoleic acid, including: Black Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Grape Seed Oil, HempSeed Oil, Maracuja or Passionfruit Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil.

How to use face oils?

Don’t be intimidated by face oils; the trick is to apply them on damp skin or mixed with a little water. We recommend face oils as a supplement to your complete skincare routine. Layer face oils under your favourite moisturiser, mix with your favourite toner or mist on a cotton pad to cleanse or hydrate your

What face oil is best for my skin?

Finding face oils to best suit your skin type can take some trial and error, keep in mind your skin type and needs vary depending on the weather and air quality. Most importantly, always choose pure, quality natural and organic face oils. The following are popular oils for various skin needs:

Moroccan Argan Oil – anti-aging, moisturising, repairing, regenerating and good for hair, nails and skin affected by eczema, psoriasis. Usually a heavier oil for dry or mature skin.
Maracuja Oil - great moisturisng and anti-inflamatory properties, perfect dry skin types, helps even skin tone.
Marula Oil -
suitable for dry to very dry skin, oily and combination skin, lightweight and absorbs quickly, can also aid in improving skin hyperpigmentation and can help improve skin elasticity.
Rosehip Oil – helps lighten pigmentation, helps with scarring and fine lines due to its anti-aging and hydrating properties. usually a lighter consistency that is suitable for all skin types.
Grapeseed Oil –
helps regulate natural oil production and has skin-brightening properties. Light consistency, absorbs easily and suitable for all skin types. A good alternative to coconut oil.
Jojoba Oil – non-comodegenic as it’s said to be the oil that most closely resembles the skin natural oil (human sebum), good moisturiser for all skin types, cleanses and heals skin affected by sunburn. Light consistency, absorbs very easily and suitable for all skin types.


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