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Toners & Mists

Do I need a Face Mist or Toner, what are the benefits?

Face mist and toners are usually underestimated, they are an important step in your skincare routine, mainly because they can help improve your skin moisture and hydration levels. Face mists and toners can also help increase the absorption of other skincare products when applied just before, and when used throughout the day face mists and toners can refresh your skin and make-up, giving your skin a dewy healthy look.

They key is to use buy well formulated, quality face mist and toners with quality natural and organic ingredients that address your specific skin needs. As usual at AMORGANICA we're obsessed with checking ingredients and you'll only find thoughtfully selected natural and organic face toners and face mists that we believe in.

Can Face Toners or Face Mists dry my skin?

The short answer is yes, and that is why it is important to know that toners and face mist can benefits your skin when applied correctly! Have you ever had that dry, tight skin feeling after a shower? Usually, this happens when you leave water to dry out on your face without using a towel. Plain water, water-based skincare products, and face toners can dry your skin as water tends to draw out natural moisture from your skin. So, you need to layer a moisturiser over your face mist or toner, as face moisturisers act as a seal to lock-in your skin natural moisture.

To ensure your skin benefits from the natural and organic ingredients in your Face Mists or Toners you should:
- apply face mist or toner on clean damp skin, ideally straight after cleansing your skin,

- spray face mist or toner onto a cotton pad (add your fave oil, optional)
- wipe the cotton pad over your face
- finish by layering a moisturiser over to lock-in your natural skin moisture.

What Face Toner or Face Mist should I use for my skin?

Look for a toner that addresses your specific skin needs as the seasons change. Clean floral waters contain antioxidants and minerals that your skin can absorb. Stay away from toners that contain too many ingredients, cheap additives or alcohol as these don’t deliver any benefits but instead can dry your skin and reduce its collagen production. True steam-distilled hydrosols contain all the beneficial components that whole plant ingredients have to offer, unlike their 'essential oil added to water' counterparts.

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